Exciting times at Bee Cave Ragdolls

We plan to breed for our first litter of Ragdoll kittens soon and can't wait.  Jane will be our first Queen as she is the oldest of our girls.  We will keep you posted.

I wanted to give you some background on me and the reason I decided to breed Ragdoll cats with my family at our home in Texas.  I have always been a cat-person and have loved cats since I was a child.  It is probably because my mom also loved cats.  After I left home for college, I acquired my first cat and have had rescue cats ever since.  A little over a year ago, my twin sister fostered a Ragdoll-mix litter of kittens.  My daughter was the first to notice how docile they were around us.  We had never seen kittens this comfortable and laid-back around humans.  I did some research on the breed and was pleased to find out this personality trait is inherent with Ragdoll cats.  I started my search for a pure-bred Ragdoll cat.  After getting our first Ragdoll girl, I was convinced that I wanted to breed Ragdolls.    Since then, we have acquired our foundation studs and more females for our cattery.  My husband, Aaron, and two kids have sacrificed a lot but are very proud and excited of our new endeavor.  I have learned a great deal about the Ragdoll breed and breeding in general and still have a lot to learn.  It's been an incredible journey so far for me and my family.  I am also very grateful to my mentors who have been very helpful and supportive.  My daughter and I have been to two shows and learned a lot there while meeting some amazing people.  My goal is to breed the best quality Ragdoll cats with outstanding health, beauty and temperament.  Please sign up for updates to find out more information on upcoming litters.